In order to provide scholarships to graduate students engaged in the field of mass spectrometry, the Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund holds one to two large fundraisers each year.

The last event was the 3rd annual Spring Fling held on April 25, 2009 at Colton Hall, Claridge, PA.

Past Events

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  • 2nd Annual Spring Fling - April 19, 2008

    • 2nd Evening at PNC Park - November 2007

      • 1st Annual Spring Fling - April 28, 2007

          We had our first annual Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund Spring Fling Dinner/Dance/Raffle which was held on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at Colton Hall in Claridge, PA. The event was very well attended by Rick's family and friends selling a total of 440 tickets at $25 each.

          Tickets for the event were donated anonymously. Printing and design were donated by JM Printing and Bill McCaslin. The dinner was partially catered by Mohan's Restaurant and The Spring Fling Committee. Mohan's provided their famous fried chicken, parsley potatoes, green beans, rolls and butter. The Spring Fling Committee worked diligently and made cole slaw, tossed salad, rigatoni, meatballs, and stuffed cabbages. Desserts were also supplied by committee members and other family members. With Mohan's generous discount on their catering and the Spring Fling Committee's hard work, we were able to keep costs down on the food for the event thus enabling us to increase our net profit.

          The music was provided by DJ Leo Bickert who also gave us a significant discount on his services for the evening all in the name of a good cause. Leo was wonderful and catered to our needs for the evening. Everybody could have danced all night, but we had to be out of the hall by Midnight.

          There were also a multitude of raffles totaling 94 in all. The tickets for these raffles ranged from $1 to $10 based on the value of the prize. The prizes were all donated by various friends, families, and businesses and had values from $20 all the way up to $2000.

          The evening was a great success, and the folks at Colton Hall were quite pleased with the outcome as they have seen many fundraisers but felt this one was one of the best ever done at their facility. Good food, good fun, dancing, and prizes--Rick would have loved it!!!!!

          We were able to raise a total of $19,796 for The Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund which currently awards scholarships for graduate students to attend scientific symposia. After building the fund up, The Board of Directors hopes to give more significant scholarships possibly to other students just entering college.

          The Spring Fling Committee

          Sherri Barkefelt, Karen Blashford, Joyce Blume, Mary Ellen Bodnar, Darby Chynoweth, Kathie Close, Tammy Dougherty, Karen Grimes, Cassie Grolemund, Jamie Hockman, Rachelle Jagielski, Carl Jeffery, Cathy Lithgow, Lenny Lithgow, Eric List, George List, Rene List, Shirley List, Marlene Mariuzza, Lynn Meneses, Mrya Mount, Cindy Puchtler, Tom Puchtler, Becky Schaeffer, Marguerite Smalley, Roy Smalley, Bonnie Varley, Heidi Wesolowski, Julie Zummo, Alice Schaeffer (Chairman)

          We could not have been so successful without the generosity of the above people.

      • An Evening at PNC Park - October 27, 2006

          This was the first charity event that was held for the Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund. It was held at PNC Park on October 27, 2006. Many of Rick's family, friends, and colleagues from work came out for this event. Romayne Abbott, one of Rick's colleagues at Extrel was the chairman. Her committee included Mary Jo Beisler, Corrie Noir, and Alice Schaeffer.

          It was a rewarding night for all whom attended. After dinner, there were various raffles including the 50/50 that Rick was widely known for selling at his local church, St. John the Baptist parish. Monte Carlo was the theme of the night, and guests exchanged their money for play money which was bet on various games such as Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette. If patrons won these games, they were awarded tickets to be put down on various prizes that were awarded at the end of the night. A night of dancing was enjoyed by all after the prizes and auctions were concluded.

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