Richard A. Schaeffer

Friends, family and associates of Rick Schaeffer mourn his loss On Saturday, October 2, 2004. Rick Schaeffer was killed in an automobile/tractor-trailer accident on his way home from vacation. Rick is survived by his wife Alice, who was also injured in the accident, and his three sons, Jason, Bryan and Colby.

Rick's death is felt very deeply by everyone at Extrel as well. His company is a small, close knit group, and Rick was far more to them than just a co-worker, the Chief Operating Officer and a Partner in the firm. He was one of the driving forces behind making Extrel a great place to work and, he was a true friend.

Rick's death has also left a void in the Mass Spectrometry community that is difficult to fill. Mass Spectrometry was Rick's passion and he spent the better part of the last three decades tirelessly promoting the science and technology of it.

Rick also had a passion for teaching. He loved to pass on what he knew to the next generation and he was always willing to take the time to answer even the most basic and mundane questions.

We, the friends, family and associates of Rick, would like to honor Rick's memory and continue his service to the Mass Spectrometry Community. To that end, we have formed the Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund. The fund will be used to help promising graduate students attend the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conferences.

The fund has been set up through S & T Bank. Click here to find out more about the fund and how to donate.

Many of you have offered your expressions of sympathy and condolences. We thank you on behalf of Rick's family, friends and associates.

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