Rick Schaeffer had a passion for his work in mass spectrometry and loved to teach whenever he got the chance. To honor his memory the Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund awards a number of grants every year to further research and education in mass spectrometry.

The Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund Board of Directors has given scholarships to thirteen students since 2006. We are anticipating awarding four scholarships this year. We would like to continue to give scholarships in Rick's chosen profession as education was so very important to him. There is no better way to honor Rick than by helping our youth advance their educations.

These grants go towards the travel expenses of promising graduate students allowing them to attend scientific conferences such as, the American Society of Mass Spectrometry's annual meeting or the Gordon Research Conferences.

The students, many of whom would not otherwise be able to attend these meetings, get an opportunity to not only learn about latest ideas related to their research but also make new contacts that will be helpful to them throughout their lives.

In addition to the travel grants, the fund is also looking into providing the resources to promote science awareness and education through scouting. Rick spent many years in scouting with his three sons and always believed it was one of the best ways for children to learn and grow.

To apply for an award through the Richard A. Schaeffer Memorial Fund, please download the MS Excel 2007 application form and read the instructions in PDF form or MS Word 2007.

Email a completed version of the application form (as a PDF file) to [email protected] by midnight, March 10th, 2012.

Past Award Recipients

Marija Mentinova, Purdue University (Prof. Scott A. McLuckey)
Diana L. Sardelis, University of the Sciences (Prof. Catherin M. Bentzley)
Longzhu Q. Shen, Carnegie Mellon University (Prof. Terrence J. Collins)
Tara I. Yacovitch, University of California Berkeley (Prof. Daniel M. Neumark)

Boy Scouts Troop 899, Plum, PA

Theresa Cooper, University of Utah (Prof. Peter Armentrout; 2009 GRC)
Ryan Dain, Wichita State University (Prof. Michael Van Stipdonk; 2009 ASMS)
Oscar Martinez, University of Colorado (Prof. Veronica Bierbaum; 2009 ASMS)
Kevin McAvey, University of New Orleans (Prof. Richard Cole; 2009 ASMS)

Mariam El Naggar, University of California, Berkeley (Prof. Evan Williams)
Warren Mino, University of Florida (Prof. Nick C. Polfer)
Thomas Watson, University of Pittsburgh (Prof. Joseph J. Grabowski)

Matt Diener, University of Washington (Prof. Frank Turecek)
Mariam El Naggar, University of California, Berkeley (Prof. Evan Williams)
Stacy Sherrod, Texas A & M University (Prof. David H. Russell)

Christina Hampton, Georgia Institute of Technology (Prof. Facundo Fernandez)
Matthew W. Soyk, Iowa State University

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